Mirror-Fasting Day 3: I Don't Know Why I Get Myself Into These Things...

It's Day 3 of this mirror-fast and I can't stay that I'm still as optimistic about it as I initially was.

I feel awful for it. Not wearing make-up is one thing, but being completely mirror-less makes me feel as if I've let myself go entirely. I have no doubt that I look like a haggard version of my former self and even though my friends are assuring me otherwise, I still find myself incredibly self-conscious about the whole thing.

So far, all I've gotten from this experiment is that not grooming one's appearance leads to massive self-consciousness. I don't feel more liberated, free from cosmetics and vanity, I feel like I've just lost a control over my appearance rather than gained it. I know a person shouldn't feel like appearances are everything and of course I don't think that in the slightest, but I still miss the reassurance of going out knowing how others will see me. I think avoiding all reflective surfaces is taking its toll too - there's so many. Too many. I find myself avoiding looking up in bathrooms and not lingering too long near windows. It's a tad OTT and I'm currently feeling like a complete idiot for attempting to do such.

I'm not giving up (three days in, I should hope to last a little longer than that!) but I just wanted to add this update to the bundle.

I'm off to a concert tonight - something to look forward to, but definitely something previous me would be dolling herself up for. It's all about the confidence though... right?

Sorcha x

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